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Provincial Grand Master

Welcome to the Friendly Degree by Edward R. Garty
Provincial Grand Master

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The Executive

Explore the Middlesex Mark & Royal Ark Mariners Provincial Grand Executive

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Active Officers

Visit this years Active Offices of the Mark & Royal Ark Mariners for The Province of Middlesex.

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Mark & RAM Lodges

Explore the list of Middlesex Mark Lodges and Royal Ark Mariners Lodges with Lodge numbers

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Middlesex Grand Officers

Would you like to see a list of Mark and Royal Ark Mariners Grand Officers for Middlesex Members

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Supporting Charities

Read about our charitable efforts within Mark & Royal Ark Mariner in the Province of Middlesex

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Our History

Read about the Mark and Royal Ark Mariners History in Middlesex and also how it fits in with the formation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Middlesex.

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Why Join The Friendly Degree

Explore why you should consider joining Mark Master Masons in The Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in Middlesex.

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Mark Masons Hall

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons & Royal Ark Mariners is located at Mark Masons Hall in St James, London, Explore Mark Masons Hall Website.

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Royal Ark Mariners

Explore more about Royal Ark Mariners of Middlesex and why you should join.

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Merchandise & Regalia

Mark Masons and Royal Ark Mariners of Middlesex have a unique collection of merchandise to buy. Explore Today.

Pre-Loved Regalia

Mark Masons and Royal Ark Mariners of Middlesex have a wide collection of pre-loved regalia. Explore Today.

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Welcome to the Friendly Degree

Welcome to the Middlesex Mark Website. There are a number of reasons for having a website, these include: advertising one’s existence, explaining to non-members what the Mark in general and the Mark in Middlesex is all about, acting as a recruiting tool, and perhaps most important providing an easy way of communicating with members and enabling a channel for dealing more easily with day to day administrative tasks.

If we have designed this website properly it should achieve all the objectives detailed above. However, both you and I know that is very rarely the case, which is why it is important that if you spot any errors or areas that need updating or elements that can be improved please contact the webmaster.

I hope you find what you are looking for having logged in for the first time. I say that because if you are a second-time caller you are unlike to read the welcome page again. There is an expression that you never get a chance to make a first impression, so I hope we have succeeded in convincing you that the ‘Friendly Degree’ in Freemasonry has something to offer you.

Best regards,

Edward R. Garty RAMGR

Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Middlesex