AGM 2020 Notice and Minutes of previous meeting.

1. AGM 2020

Attached is the Agenda for the Provincial AGM Virtual Business Meeting which will be held on 28th October 2020 commencing at 11.00 hrs. Please note the Guidance given on the front page regarding dress and decorum. We will be using the Zoom platform and an Invitation will be sent to all members of the Province to enable them to attend. This invitation will require members to pre-register to obtain their unique Meeting code. Entry to the Zoom meeting will be from 10.15 hrs to 10.55 hrs on the 28th October.

After 10.55 hrs it will not longer be possible to join the meeting. Member’s microphones will be muted on entry. Further information will be forthcoming closer to the date.

Draft Agenda for AGM 2020

2. AGM 2019 Minutes

The minutes of the AGM 2019 meeting are attached to this email, in accordance with the Constitution and Regulations.

AGM 2019 Minutes

As always, happy to answer any question that you have and to help, where possible.

Yours s & f


Darrel Palmer – Provincial Grand Secretary
Province of Middlesex Mark Master Masons