Guidance for Brethren Visiting Mark Masons’ Hall

Guidance for Brethren Visiting Mark Masons’ Hall

The success of Mark Masons’ Hall reopening for Masonic business will be very dependant on Brethren making sensible decisions about whether they should attend. If you feel in any way under the weather or off colour, please do not attempt to visit the building. We thank you in advance for making the correct decision in order to protect yourself and your Brethren during this time of heightened risk of infection.

• Admission to the building for able bodied Brethren is via the main front entrance at 86 St James’s Street (disabled access can still be achieved via the street level doors in Russel Court).
• All Brethren must exit the building from the Russell Court doors on the Lower Ground Floor.

• If the reception lobby becomes congested Brethren will be required to form a queue, observing social distancing, down the steps, out onto St James’s Street and forming-up against the building, working back in the direction of St James’s Palace.
• Lodge Secretaries, or equivalent, will be required to email an attendance list to M.M.H. no later than 3 days prior to the meeting. Upon arrival Brethren will be required to give their name, and Lodge/Unit Name and Number to the staff member on reception who will then direct you to the correct Lodge Room.

• Please make your way immediately to the Lodge Room where you are required to use your chair within the Temple as your robing area. Chairs will be laid out according to social distancing and your chair, and the immediate area around it, is effectively your ‘zone’ for the meeting. You may store coats, bags and cases behind/under your chair during the meeting.
• At the end of the meeting please leave without unnecessary delay, making your way to the Lower ground Floor and exiting through the Russel Court doors.

• Sanitising stations are being made available at the main areas of footfall as well as at the door to each temple. Please sanitise regularly and be mindful of social distancing when moving through the building.
• Lifts are restricted to 1 passenger at a time so please use the staircase where possible. Due to the tight curve of the stairs it isn’t possible to operate an up-one-side-down-the-other process so please wait for those heading in the opposite direction to clear the staircase.

• When using the washroom facilities, please avoid crowding by forming a socially distanced queue outside if they become congested. The number of urinals/stalls has been reduced to allow for social distancing.

• Tylers, when working around the equipment lockers, are asked to clear these areas quickly as they are confined and will be needed by others.

• Each unit is responsible for maintaining its own equipment, keeping it clean and sanitised as they see fit.

By working in accordance with the guidance above we hope Brethren will be able to meet and enjoy their Freemasonry in a safe and comfortable environment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Download a copy of the Guidance HERE