Is it right for me?

Already a Freemason

To join the Mark Degree, you must already be a Freemason and must have reached the level of Master Mason.

Is it right for me is one of those questions which we can’t truly answer with a simple Yes or No. If you are a Master Mason and wondering what your next step is, the Masonic Order of Mark Master Masons enables its members to understand more fully the stages or Degrees of Freemasonry by providing many of the answers to questions posed to the individual as they become a member.

In addition, as a Mark Master Mason you learn further key aspects about yourself as an individual and your responsibilities to others, in essence, to make your mark on life.

If you want to find out more, we extend the invitation to contact the Provincial Grand Secretary or complete the online form available under the “Want to join” tab.


Not yet a Freemason

If you are not yet a Freemason, you should be aware that Freemasonry is open to all men of 21 years of age, regardless of social or economic background, race or religion.  The very nature of Freemasonry is to regard all of us as one family.

All our members have different jobs and employment paths and so it’s likely you will have something in common with some of us right from the beginning.

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