Middlesex Mark Making a difference for Care Homes

Brethren of the Mark Province of Middlesex

Firstly, thank you for your continued support and wonderful generosity, without which our current programme of supplying thank you packages to care workers in the province, would not be possible.

This week we were able to deliver to the first four care homes, which were, Ashwood, Marling Court, Blenheim and Kingsley Court.

The reaction from each made the journey from Essex even more worthwhile, they were all amazed that an organization that they had not, until now, heard of, had taken the time to put together and then deliver a box containing, hand sanitiser, hand cream, chocolates, biscuits, hot chocolate, sweets, tea bags, bubble bath, fresh fruit and a few thermal mugs thrown in.

If they didn’t know or understand what the Mark Master Masons of Middlesex were all about, they certainly do now

I do know that some of you will have had reservations over supplying privately owned care home staff with “goodies” but these are ordinary people doing an extra ordinary job, regardless of who their employers are, and it is my view, that they are as deserving as any other people who are prepared to put their health on the line to help others.

As many lodges have now answered the call, with some being hugely generous, we will be able to run this programme beyond the original number that we had targeted and extend our gratitude to many more care workers within this great province

I thank you all for this response and we will continue to pass on your thanks to those brave people who are doing a great job in this most difficult of times

Eddy Garty
Provincial Grand Master