Resumption of Middlesex Mark Masonry – Physical Lodge Meetings

Resumption of Middlesex Mark Masonry – Physical Lodge Meetings

The Provincial Grand Master has announced that Province of Middlesex Mark Lodges may re-start physical meetings, beginning Wednesday 1st September 2021.
As of that date, all Lodges may meet physically, provided all Rules, Regulation and Restrictions in place at that time, or at any future time, are adhered to, and in the spirit in which they have been formulated.
However the Provincial Grand Master is very mindful that many of our members still have concerns regarding Covid, public transport, venues, shielding, and of being vulnerable to the virus, even after two jabs.
He has therefore announced that Virtual Business Meetings (VBMs) are also to continue for a minimum of a further 3 months, and may be used by any Lodge that does not wish to hold a physical meeting because of Covid concerns during that time. If in any doubt, please continue to use the VBM option.
The Provincial Grand Master has also made known that no member of the Province of Middlesex Mark should be put under any pressure or obligation to attend a physical meeting, or face any sanction if he does not feel safe doing so.
The Provincial Grand Master’s Lodge, Sir Francis Burdett Lodge No. 0181, is due to meet on the 1st September and, leading from the front as ever, he desires the Lodge to meet physically, if possible.  

Yours Sincerely & Fraternally


Darrel Palmer
Provincial Grand Secretary
Province of Middlesex Mark Master Masons and Royal Ark Mariners.