Introduced in October 2018 the Middlesex Mark Bonus Ball Draw is a means of raising much needed financial support for the Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund. It has proved to be a popular method of donating to a most worthwhile charity, whilst at the same time creating a bit of interest and harmless fun each Saturday evening!

How it works is very simple, for a modest sum of £10 subscribers are allocated a number from 1 to 59 and that number is entered into a Game which lasts for 10 weeks and is based on the National Lottery Saturday Night Draw.

If the Bonus Ball number drawn on the National Lottery Saturday Night Draw is your number, you will win £30!

So, in summation, just £1 per week will give subscribers the opportunity to win £30 each week for the 10 weeks that the game runs. Admittedly the chances of that happening are pretty slim, similar in fact to the chances of a spindly lad called David knocking over a great ugly lump called Goliath???

But in all seriousness, the generous subscribers in our Bonus Ball Draw have helped the MMBF support several worthy causes, including three nominated by our Provincial Grand Master. Those causes are :-

St. Luke’s Hospice, Kenton

The Harlington Hospice, Hayes

The Shooting Stars Children’s Hospice, Twickenham.

I’m sure you don’t need me to explain what Hospices are about and that more and more people want and need the services that they provide. In fact, it’s difficult within the confines of this brief article, to adequately express how important their services are to our communities. Not forgetting that they are almost entirely reliant on public donations in order to operate.

In the relatively short time that the Bonus Ball Draw has been active, we have donated over £3,600 (inc. £360 in individual donations) to the MMBF, helping it provide the support that they desperately need. Due to the current outbreak of coronavirus, all their shops have been closed and their major fundraising events have been cancelled or postponed, thus denying them a major source of income.

St. Luke’s has a very neat and succinct Statement of Purpose that can be equally applied to each of them and that stated purpose is :-

Adding life to days, when days cannot be added to life.

If you want to help the MMBF carry out its stated purpose, to assist our Brethren in distress and to continue to support our nominated worthy causes, please consider subscribing to our Middlesex Mark Bonus Ball Draw. An application form can be found linked below.

Coordinator. Victor Burton, 15, The Rise, Warfield Park, Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 3RU
Telephone: - 01344 423206 Mobile: - 07756 787001

Winners will be notified and published on this website.

Good luck to all participants and thank you for supporting the Mark Benevolent Fund!

To purchase a ball or for any other queries, please contact the coordinator - Victor Burton.

Link to download the Middlesex Mark Bonus Ball Application Form

Link to view the Middlesex Mark Bonus Ball Game Rules and Terms & Conditions

The latest lucky winners of the Middlesex Mark Bonus can be found here: -

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