Supporting the NHS

Supporting the NHS

John Hoare of Ealing Lodge of Mark Master Masons, No. 1013 reports on recent deliveries of “goodie bags” to Covid Vaccination Centres and Ambulance Depots

Covid-19 has affected many of us sadly, in many different ways.

Some with death in the family, or even yourselves being isolated in hospital with Covid.

400 bags of refreshments and snacks for hard working NHS Staff and volunteers

The lucky ones with just pure boredom, like me.

Sometimes, I would see my neighbours just on the night we went outside and we all clapped for the NHS.

With thousands of people being admitted into hospital, nurses and doctors are working 24-hours just to save us.

Grateful recipients

The generosity of the public and Masons has been overwhelming, preparing food for nurses, for them to take home because they were too tired to cook, or for those who had been furloughed, or had lost their jobs, through no fault of their own.

Then there was light at the end of the tunnel, two Vaccines are now being circulated, with Vaccination Centres appearing all over the Country, manned partly by NHS nurses, but also by voluntary retired nurses, and the army.

Vaccination Centres are working many hours, some without any form of a canteen.

Middlesex Mark Master Masons, received a call of help from Eddy Garty PGM and Peter Hyde APGM, to put together little goody bags, in order that whatever break they could have, there was something for them to eat.

Lots of Masons and Mark Masons, who use Cole Court, were sent to the Epsom Vaccination Centre for their first jab.

Roll Lodge, No. 2523 has a number of Members who are also Mark Masons, and raised £100 to give to donate to the Mark Masons appeal, whilst a further £400 was raised from other Mark Masons to go to as many Vaccinations Centres as possible.

The Epsom Vaccination Centre, whilst not in Middlesex (this Virus having no boundaries, or borders) and as many Units at Cole Court had gone there, it was Roll Call’s first choice, so my first delivery was to Epsom.

Roy Woods a member of Roll Call Lodge, along with Peter and I, went to West Middlesex Hospital, Isleworth and then on to an ambulance depot in    Middlesex that had worked 24/7 in bringing Covid patients to hospital.

Vaccination Centres visited

The next port of call was Harlequins Rugby ground and then on to one more ambulance depot in Middlesex.

We had over 400 bags to give to great causes in Middlesex on behalf of Mark Master Masons in Middlesex over the next week.

Ambulance Depots visited

Middlesex Hospitals, Ambulance Centres, A&E to all the wonderful people that took great care looking after us, without any thought for themselves, and in many cases not seeing their own families, for weeks upon weeks.

We owe them a great deal of gratitude, and thank God for the best NHS in the world.

Thank you” has never meant so such, it’s a small word, but it has never meant so much to so many people.

Thank you, NHS !

John Hoare, Ealing Lodge of Mark Master Masons, No. 1013

The young lady on the left in this photograph is the person in charge of all the Covid Centres in Middlesex. and she sends her personal thanks to everybody involved