Middlesex Mark Community Fund

The Fund provides an additional avenue of support for worthy causes that may fall outside the remit of the Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund (MMBF).

It is intended to provide a quick avenue, with the minimum of bureaucracy, to complement the support which is available from other Masonic sources, such as the Mark Benevolent Fund, the MMBF, the Masonic Charitable Foundation and other Masonic charities


The Coronavirus pandemic highlighted a number of worthy causes within the Middlesex Mark Province that could not be supported via the MMBF. At the same time, the MMBF has been the beneficiary of a large legacy which means it is able it to continue to support the brethren in need in the Province, and the charitable organisations we have supported or may wish to support in the future. It was therefore felt that we needed a separate fund to enable the Province to support worthy causes that the MMBF are unable to help because of the limitations imposed by its Trust Deed.


To provide financial support to worthy causes within the Mark Province of Middlesex that would not be possible via the MMBF.

Sources of funding:

  • An initial emergency grant of £5,000 from the Middlesex Mark General Account [yet to be decided]
  • Bonus Ball profits
  • Donations at both the Provincial Mark and RAM Annual Meetings
  • A fundraising appeal to Lodges/ members [yet to be decided]


  • A member highlights a worthy cause within the Province.
  • The worthy cause is not able to be assisted via the MMBF.


  • The details of the worthy cause and the funds needed are sent to the Provincial Charity Steward who ensures it complies with the Fund’s terms.
  • The request is considered by the Provincial Executive.
  • When a request is approved by the Executive, the Provincial Charity Steward is informed and he, along with the Provincial Treasurer, arranges for funds to be made available.
  • The Provincial Charity Steward, Provincial Secretary and Provincial Treasurer maintain suitable records of requests, approvals, and payments.
  • Annual Accounts are produced at the same time as the Provincial and MMBF accounts.

Download an Application Form HERE