Lockdown Photo Competition

Brethren I hope you are enjoying the contents of the recent Middlesex Mark Matters publications; the Newsletter can only be as good as the contents it contains therein.

I have to say it is not easy coming up with new content or idea’s, but one that might be of interest is a photo competition. 

I have noticed things around me in the garden and on walks that I would have been far to busy to appreciate in normal times.

I have seen many photos of flowers, sunsets, country scenes etc on Facebook and thought it might be an idea to help with both content in the newsletter and boredom at home if we had some fun taking photos.

I am happy to offer a First Prize to the value of £ 20.00 for the winner, which will of course be picked by our Provincial Grand Master

The winning photo, with two runner up’s, will be shown in the August addition.

Just send me your photo’s to peter.hyde1@outlook.com 

Good Luck and Happy shooting Brethren !