Hospice Donations

Hospice Donations

Dear Brethren,

We are all aware of the tremendous efforts of the NHS during this pandemic but a sector which is also suffering are the Hospices.

Their shops closed and fundraising functions cancelled.

Because of the continued support of the brethren of Mark Province of Middlesex the Provincial Executive and the Trustees of the Middlesex Mark Benevolent Fund agreed to make further donations of £5,000 in January 2021 to St Luke’s, Harrow, Shooting Star Children’s Hospice, Hampton and Harlington Hospice, Harlington.

It is sometimes forgotten what charitable donations mean to the organisations receiving them, especially in these difficult times so I thought it would be a useful reminder to include here a couple of comments made by the Hospices when acknowledging these donations 

St Luke’s. Hospice –

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that you will be able to support St Luke’s Hospice once again with such a huge donation.

Under the circumstances, it is magnificent of you, particularly if your normal series of fundraising events have had to be cancelled.

It is a challenging time once again at the Hospice and we are supporting the local NHS as best we can, by freeing up any spare capacity at the hospice to accept patients being discharged from Northwick Park Hospital before transferal to care homes.


Shooting Star Children’s Hospice –

The news of your donation is just incredible; I really can’t thank you all enough for continuing to show us such kindness, particularly at such a difficult time.

£5,000 is so very generous and will make such a huge difference in helping us to continue providing vital care to children and their families who are facing the unimaginable.

I wish I could thank you all in person; it really is difficult to put into words just how much your support means to us.

I will let our finance team know to expect your kind donation.


Harlington Hospice –

Thank you so much for your time on the phone and for this incredibly kind donation to the Hospice it is certainly appreciated at this uncertain time. 

Please send our best wishes to all the members and we hope to be able to meet again soon sometime in the future.


We hope to invite the three Hospices to our AGM, where I feel sure will be happy to discuss all the aspects of their services with our Brethren.

Headley O’Brien – Provincial Grand Charity Steward

January 2021