Support NHS Staff

Support NHS Staff

As this pandemic has unfolded over the last 10 months it has become clear that the staff working in the NHS have worked increasingly hard to deal with those who have fallen ill.

In the last few weeks, the pressure has increased even more and there is barely a day when we do not see news of what they are having to endure with record number of daily infections and people in hospital with Covid-19.

With this as a backdrop it is never a surprise when we hear of yet another initiative from some part of the Masonic family to help. In the last week one such initiative caught my imagination. It is simple and straight forward and is going a long way to alleviate the increasing strain on the front-line NHS staff.

The NHS staff are stretched almost to breaking point, working long hours, and dealing with more patients then ever before, having little time to take a break. So, supplying them with a quick fix by way of an energy bar, or drink helps them get through the day or night, also some hand cream would help with their ever present need to wash hands. 

So, what can you do to get involved: –

  1. Firstly, discuss with your lodge members and agree an amount of money you can afford. It does not have to be a lot; you would be surprised at how many energy bars and drinks or jars of hand cream you can buy for £50. 
  2. Identify a hospital whether it is local to your home or meeting place or one that one of your members has been a patient in or one in Middlesex that has been on the news.
  3. Find a local cash and carry or other supplier of energy bars and drinks and hand cream.
  4. Go and spend the agreed amount and deliver the goods to the agreed hospital.

If your lodge decide to do something along these lines please let your VO or Chain know before you spend the money, as the Province may be able to contribute something towards your spend.