Prov Grand Master takes a Caledonian Chair

On Friday, 23rd February, 2024 our Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. Eddy Garty was Installed into the Chair of Caledonian Craft Lodge No. 134 at Great Queen Street.

Caledonian is a Lodge of Scottish origin that was founded in April 1763, some 261 years ago.

Eddy’s first role as Master was to welcome the Past Grand Master of Scotland into the Lodge as an Honorary Member, having just been voted in, further cementing the Scottish bond.

The Lodge also welcomed three more Joining Members.

Eddy looked as regal and comfortable as ever, occupying yet another the Chair of King Solomon.

I am sure the Lodge will flourish under his guidance and direction, and we wish him every success and happiness for the next 12 months in a Lodge he clearly relishes.

Eddy had the support of his London counterpart in R.W. Bro Tom Quin, the PGM for London., and members of his own Executive Team.

As you can imagine, the Festive Board was a Burns Night affair, with the Haggis being piped in and addressed as per tradition. The Master’s song was carried out by Tom Quin and joined in wholeheartedly at every chorus by the many members and guests.